Monday, 22 May 2017

Robert Atkinson – An Esteemed Name in the Legal World

Robert Atkinson is one of the most reputed lawyers in Las Vegas. With his rich experience in his long career as an attorney, Robert Atkinson Attorney in Las Vegas has dealt with over hundreds of personal filings and bankruptcy cases. He is famous for handling some of the most complicated bankruptcy cases with his technical prowess and unmatched skill. He owns unique talent and strategy to turn the cases in favor of his client and that is the reason behind his exceptional popularity among several satisfied clients. Some complex cases where Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas shows excellent competency are reorganization plans, avoidable transfers, disclosure statements, top-priority claims, class voting, security interests, trustee actions, lien avoidance, and unsecured priority claims.

Robert Atkinson Attorney in Las Vegas has counseled in over 100 cases for chapter 7 Trustees. He has in-depth knowledge about how to get success in different complicated cases and assures high-quality case filings in order to better the path of attaining smooth and simple case process. With such finesse to carry out all his cases with equal proficiency, Robert Atkinson Attorney in Las Vegas is truly an esteemed name associated with bankruptcy.

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas received his Doctor Degree from the renowned Georgetown University. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Montana State University. He also went ahead to complete his Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Before Robert Atkinson started his career as a lawyer, he was also associated with NASA where he was involved in a series of research work and crucial projects carried out in Los Alamos Laboratory.

It is his unique style of presenting cases, unmatched competency in case handling, and comprehensive knowledge in a bankruptcy filing that took Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas to the pinnacle of present day success. He has worked in a number of courts including Eight District, United States Supreme Court, Judicial Court in Clark County, Second District, Supreme Court in Nevada, and several others. His knowledge, hard work, talent, and dedication have brought him extraordinary success as a legal attorney.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Robert Atkinson: The Perfect Solution to All Your Legal Matters

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has the technical competence in handling bankruptcy cases adeptly. Being an esteemed bankruptcy attorney based in Las Vegas, all along his career, he has handled complicated bankruptcy cases with efficiency. In his career life, he has assisted his clients in filing cases of bankruptcy making use of the knowledge of law included in the chapters of 7, 13 and 11.

With his knowledge and skill, he brings about an efficiency in handling the complex bankruptcy cases that includes claim proofs, exclusive filing periods,  debt-in-possession, qualifications for debtors of small business disclosure statements, motions of the first day, property for sale action,  lien avoidance unsecured committees of creditors etc. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has earned a lot of success because of the competence and prowess with which he handles cases.

He has earned a B.S. degree in Physics and minors in Mathematics and Economics from the eminent Montana State University. He completed his Master's degree from the prestigious Georgetown University in Business Administration and Finance. He even obtained the Jury’s doctor degree from the illustrious University of Georgetown. This University is famous for being the first Catholic and Jesuit institution of higher education founded in 1789 in the United States.

Robert Atkinson has advised many of his clients in the state of Nevada on the Chapter 7 Trustee. With years of experience in the legal world, he has acquired enough knowledge to increase exemptions and do the case filings accurately and effectively. He is able to file the complicated bankruptcy cases while eliminating non-discharging factions. With his talent, knowledge and technical finesse, Robert Atkinson has been able to formulate creative strategies to deftly deal with cases to bring about positive results for the clients. He is known for his exemplary style of case representation.

He has even worked in the accounting and the real estate sectors apart from working as an attorney. He has worked as a physicist in the initial years of his career at NASA. During the period, he carried out several research projects at the eminent Los Alamos National Laboratory.

There are many lawyers but Robert Atkinson is considered to be the greatest among his peers for the proficiency with which he handles the bankruptcy cases.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Your Guide in Matters Related to the Legal World

The renowned attorney of Las Vegas, Robert Attorney is known for his exemplary style of representing cases. His career life spans across many years and during this time he has dealt with over 1000 cases of business bankruptcy as well as personal filings associated with the 11th, 13thand the 7th chapter. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has the technical finesse to handle the complex bankruptcy cases, that includes the use of collateral cash, motions of the first-day, debtor-in-possession responsibilities, unsecured creditor committees, reorganization plans, interest claims or proofs, disclosure statements,  initial debtor interviews, periods of exclusive filing, avoidable transfers, class voting, trustee actions, claims of superior priority, not secured priority claims, qualifications for debtors of small organizations, lien avoidance,  motions for security interests and  property sale use etc.

Being a highly acclaimed attorney, Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has the skill of carrying out complicated cases efficiently. He has a profound knowledge of business, real estate, and accounting. He is applauded for his distinctive style of case representation in courts. Experience, talent, passion, knowledge and dedication have helped him to gain success in all the cases he has taken up.

Robert Atkinson has obtained his Doctor Degree of Jury from the acclaimed Georgetown University. This is known to be the 1st Catholic Institution founded in the USA in 1789. He has also earned his Bachelor degree in Economics, Mathematics, and Physics from the University of Montana. He has earned a Master’s Degree in Finance from the eminent Carnegie Mellon University.

He has worked in NASA as a renowned physicist during his early life. He has carried out research projects at the prestigious ‘National Los Alamos Laboratory.’ His main goal has been to protect the interest of his clients and he has been able to do that effectively.

His proficiency in handling cases, his style of case representation and his years of experience has helped him to earn the position of one of the best lawyers in the USA in the industry. In his life, he has worked in several courts, such as USA Supreme Court, Second District Court, Eight District Court, Judicial Court at the Clark County, Nevada’s Supreme Court, etc. His knowledge, hard work, technical prowess, and sincerity has sky-rocketed his career and brought him monumental success as a litigation and bankruptcy lawyer.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Robert Atkinson - The Most Trusted Attorney For Handling All Kinds of Complex Bankruptcy Cases

If you want to hire the best bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas State in the United States for solving your financial issues, Robert Atkinson is the most dependable man, who can justify any kind of bankruptcy case effectively in your favor. A professional bankruptcy attorney can help you make a new financial start by resolving your previous bankruptcy issues. Hiring expert and successful lawyers such as Mr. Atkinson can give a positive turn to any difficult bankruptcy case.

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is adept in bankruptcy filing that involves chapter 7, chapter 11 and similarly chapter 13. His expertise and in-depth knowledge make him a perfect advisory and a skilled lawyer to handle problematic courtroom dealings and other complex insolvency matters. His near perfect planning abilities help his clients to retain almost all the assets.

Few Highlighting Features About Robert Atkinson Las Vegas
Vast experience and dedicated approach in dealing with all types of bankruptcy cases

Filing bankruptcy cases mostly using chapter 7 (to eliminate debts) and chapter 11 (rearranging financial plans minus liquidation of assets).

Bankruptcy procedure is handled in such a way to affect smooth and easy progression, for maximizing exemptions and evading debts that are non-dischargeable.

Perfection in filing an order with all correct documentation so as to avoid dismissal of any bankruptcy cases due to gross negligence.

Complex bankruptcy cases are given more attention and the situation is assessed in a professional manner to find positive loopholes.

Offers excellent and true advice to all his clients while making them understand their basic rights during the trial period.

Enjoys high success rate in bankruptcy cases and exudes superior confidence

Atkinson has been a senior counsel in the State of Nevada (for chapter 3) for more than 100 cases. Such experiences have boosted his confidence and honed his skills in dealing with bankruptcy cases. Mr. Atkinson is also a specialist in managing affairs involving accounting and property dealings. His complete knowledge about Las Vegas State laws and analyzing skills is enough to assure clients of a positive and good outcome.

Experience as a leading attorney:
1) Mr. Robert Atkinson is a senior and leading attorney in Las Vegas who has got more than 1000 bankruptcy (personal and business) filings that involve chapters 7, 11 and 13.
2) His sincere approach is apparent in the way he gives personal attention to each and every bankruptcy case, right from the start to the finish.
3) He is a seasoned attorney who has handled innumerable bankruptcy cases with legal complexities. First day motions, automatic stays, unsecured creditor issues, cash collateral, debtor issues, statements of disclosure, proofs of interest or claiming, first priority claims, security interests, unsecured nature claims, re-organization financial plans, small or medium business debtor condition, motions for sale and use of property, and lien avoidance to name a few.

Robert Atkinson is an enigmatic personality and an all-rounder with diversified talents. Before embarking on the journey to becoming a successful attorney, he was a hardworking NASA Physicist and research scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Robert Atkinson: A Name to Reckon With In the Legal World

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas being a proficient lawyer has caliber and the experience to handle bankruptcy and complicated cases such as claim-proofs, disclosure statements, avoidable transfers, trustee actions, class voting, the exclusive filing periods, initial debtors’ interviews, high-priority claims, unsecured priority claims, utilization of collateral cash, first day motions, small debtor’s qualification,  automatic stay relief, exclusive periods of filing, debt-in-the-possession, and the plans for  the property-sale, reorganization actions, lien-avoidance disclosure statements, etc.

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has obtained prestigious Doctor’s Jury degree from the esteemed University of Georgetown, founded in 1789 in USA. Along with this prestigious degree, Robert Atkinson has earned B.S. degree in Physics and minors in subjects such as Economics and Mathematics from the illustrious Montana State University. He has obtained his MBA degree in Finance from the “Carnegie Mellon University.” In the former years of his career, Robert Atkinson worked as physicist at the prestigious NASA institute. Robert carried out research projects in the National Los Alamos Laboratory.

He is knowledgeable, experienced, based at Las Vegas and used his talent to effectively represent and file cases and maximize exemptions and avoid the actions non-dischargeable. He has helped clients to file bankruptcy with appreciable knowledge on 11, 7 and the 13th chapter on law. With his talent of solving complicated cases of bankruptcy he advanced his career and reached the pinnacle of success in the world of litigation and bankruptcy cases. He is known for his distinguished style of representing cases at law courts. His main goal is to protect client interests.

He has adequate knowledge in the accounting, business and the real estate sectors. In the early years of his career life he was the Principal at A.T. Kearney between 1995 and 2001. He offered CEO-level advice to his clients on enterprise restructuring, strategic sourcing, operations, etc.

He is among the top lawyers in the world of legal matters. His meticulous preparations, flawless planning and sincere follow-ups have always shown results in favor of Robert’s clients. He has the confidence and technical finesse to handle cases no matter how difficult they are. He has been recognized as a leading lawyer by American Bankruptcy and the Bar Association. All along his career he has emerged as a winner while representing cases at the law courts.

His areas of jurisdiction include the US District Court at Nevada, Judicial Court in the Clark County, Second and Eighth District Court at Nevada, USA and the Nevada State’s Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court and the Appelate Panel.

Being one of the most sought-after and reputed lawyers in Las Vegas, Robert Atkinson is lauded for his talent in dealing with the cases adeptly in District of Columbia’s “Court of Appeals.” In the latter years of his career, Robert Atkinson practiced in USA’s Supreme Court. He is an icon in the legal world and throughout his career he has always emerged as a winner no matter how difficult a case was. For his technical expertise and skill, Robert Atkinson is known to be a father figure in the world of litigation and legal matters.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Our Practice Is Your Solution - Robert Atkinson

While you all want to discuss hiring an attorney for solving your money problems, invest in a good bankruptcy lawyer to stand by you in times of adverse conditions. Declaring bankruptcy can be a valuable tool in solving all your financial troubles.

How to find a professional lawyer
A good bankruptcy lawyer can guide you to a fresh financial start. Mr. Robert Atkinson is the man in the hour of need to resolve your bankruptcy issues. Selecting an expert attorney is the biggest challenge to winning a bankruptcy case. Not all successful lawyers can win a bankruptcy case; you need an expert or a dedicated bankruptcy lawyer with experience in dealing with similar cases. Another important thing is the level of comfort with your lawyer and trustworthiness. Choose a lawyer based on his availability in your city and if his credentials match your requirements.

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is proficient in chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13 involved in the bankruptcy filing. He is well versed in courtroom dealings and handling insolvency issues. His exception planning skills are excellent which helps you in retaining all your assets. Be it a personal case or professional bankruptcy he deals with same proficiency and transparency.

The foremost thing a bankruptcy attorney looks for is if your case is eligible for declaring bankruptcy. Robert Atkinson is unique in his approaches and files for bankruptcy using chapter 7 for the elimination of debt which comes under dischargeable and chapter 11 for reorganizing without the need to liquidate your assets. He is capable of making the bankruptcy process smooth and simple with his massive knowledge on how to maximize exemptions and avoid non-dischargeable debts.

Filings are done in an expert and professional way with right documentation to avoid dismissal of the case. He makes time to understand the complexity of the situation you are facing and brings excellent advice to the table. He informs the clients well about their rights during the trials. With a success rate as high as his, you have chosen the right lawyer for your bankruptcy case.  

Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Ultimate Answer to Legal Problems

Robert Atkinson has the expertise and experience to deal with bankruptcy cases. He is a well-known attorney in Las Vegas and has the prowess of handling the most complicated cases such as exclusive periods of filing, proofs of the claims,  class voting, disclosure statements, business debtors  qualification debt-in-possession,  trustee actions, avoidable transfers, reorganization plans,  interviews of initial debtor, small entrepreneur’s debtors qualification, superiority claims,  lien avoidance, etc.

He has an exclusive style of handling and representing bankruptcy cases. He has the knowledge to deftly handle filing of case and maximize exemptions. Popularly known as Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas, has garnered a lot of success for adeptly solving bankruptcy and litigation cases. He has sufficient knowledge of Chapter 7 Trustee of State of Nevada.

He has earned many degrees in various subjects such as Physics, Economics, and Mathematics from renowned university of State of Montana. Robert Atkinson is highly qualified and has achieved a lot in his career life. He has earned the post graduation degree in Finance Administration from illustrious Carnegie Mellon University and the Jury’s Doctor Degree from the prestigious University of Georgetown. The University in Georgetown is considered as the first Jesuit and catholic institution, founded in 1789 and offers post graduation degree in the United States of America.

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has the technical proficiency to handle every bankruptcy case with ease. In his life, he has handled over 300 cases of bankruptcy that involves the chapters 13, 11 and 7. These cases were associated with the print shop with 42 employees, nightclub in Las Vegas, shopping mall of Las Vegas, aircraft manufacturing company, resort inn comprising of 62 rooms, etc. He has also provided his expert advice to prospective franchisees and has assisted a couple of start-up organizations in their filings and paperwork.

Robert Atkinson has the experience and proficiency in sectors of business law such as commercial and real estate transactions, intellectual property (trade secrets, copy rights and patents) laws that include security interests, etc. Being a business litigator Robert Atkinson has been involved in scores of lawsuit cases for both plaintiff and defendant business clients. He has the experience to represent the business clients in the civil cases that include breach in contract, fraud or misrepresentation, declaratory relief, civil RICO, TPOs and injunctions, civil conspiracy, conversion, rescission, unjust enrichment,  constructive trust, unfair competition trademark infringement, etc.

He was the principal at A.T. Kearney and provided advice to clients from financial, retail and communications services on topics that include supply chain, enterprises restructuring, operations, etc. He has evaluated contracts and offered litigation expertise to major law firms in U.S. He has even advised international and major U.S. banks in making more than $2 billion for the funding decisions.

He has chalked out productive business plans and innovative marketing strategies for internet and telecom clients when he was a manager at Deloitte consulting. He was also a reputed physicist at NASA or Los Alamos national Laboratory. He has featured as speaker in more than three dozen of workshops, conferences, and panels.