Thursday, 27 July 2017

Robert Atkinson: The only Attorney that can help you!

Robert Atkinson, an experienced Attorney with so much of knowledge. He has been a top attorney for about 1,000 personal and business bankruptcy filings, across chapters 7, 11, and 13. He completed his graduation from a well-known college J.D associated with Georgetown University. He was a brilliant student at his college time; Robert Atkinson was a student of MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon University. He was very fascinated by Physics, so he chose to do B.S in physics with lesser in Math and Economics from Montana State University. After gaining of so much of knowledge, he decided to be a great Attorney.

He has worked in a lot of courts. Other than all, He has worked for the country’s apex or topmost court that is US Supreme Court and also for Supreme Court in the State of Nevada. This shows Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is a well-known Attorney. This man has also treated to the Circuit Court of Appeals as well as Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. He was not directly chosen for the Supreme Court as before, he was an attorney in U.S. District Court, the state of Nevada in Bankruptcy proceedings as well as Civil Proceedings. His work still does not end here as he has been an attorney in also eight and second District Court in Nevada. He has also given his services to the Judicial Court in Clark County.

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is giving his services to you at very affordable price. Any Simple case or highly complicated case? No need to worry. This experienced man Robert Atkinson can help you, no matter what your situation is. He personally handles each case from start to finish. His planning skills help you keep everything you have. He has handled so many cases of complex bankruptcy filings, including first-day motions, use of cash collateral, relief from automatic stays, unsecured creditor committees, Initial Debtor Interviews, debtor-in-possession responsibilities, reorganization plans, avoidable transfers, disclosure statements, exclusive filing periods, class voting, proofs of claim or interest, super-priority claims, trustee actions, perfected security interests, small business debtor qualification, priority unsecured claims, motions for use or sale of property, and lien avoidance and a never ending list.

He makes sure that his client gets each and everything he/she wants. For his clients, he has eliminated in debt of over $400million. He does not want money, his goal is to help people who are having hard times and want to help them. Moreover, he provides free consultation calls for the discussion of your situation.

Mr. Robert Atkinson has been counsel for three Chapter 7 Trustees in the State of Nevada, for well over 100 cases. He has plenty of knowledge gained from his experience that helps him to avoid non-dischargeability actions, maximize exemptions and ensure high-quality filings that increase the probability of making your bankruptcy mild and easy. After all his hard work, he has a compelling business and earlier he was a physicist at NASA, researching in National Laboratory.

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