Monday, 9 May 2016

Robert Atkinson Is One OF The Best In Dealing Cases

Robert Atkinson, one of the finest names in the field of person and business, bankruptcy filing. He attained his B.S degree in physics, with minors in Economics and Mathematics from Montana State University which is a very renowned university in the world. He also pursued Masters in Business Administration in the field of Finance from a reputed university, named as Carnegie Mellon University but he was not satisfied with his education so far, so later, he attained his Juries Doctor degree from Georgetown University which was founded in 1789. It is regarded as the nations oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution of higher education in the United States. Robert Atkinson is an Attorney in Las Vegas.

He attains a wonderful experience while working in the jurisdiction of supreme court, United States, supreme court in the States of Nevada, ninth circuit court of appeals, ninth circuit bankruptcy appellate panel etc. this has added a tremendous knowledge to his mind about the field in which he is having specialization. He has years of experience in his hands and this has made it possible for him to make his strategies for managing his cases. Robert Atkinson derives results in the favor of his clients because of such experiential practices. He is always appreciated for his unique style of representing cases every time. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has made his name in the field of jurisdiction with his this unique style.

He has also been associated with the accounting and real estate industry too, which has helped him to present his legal matters and win them in best manner possible. Nobody is aware to the fact that actually Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas started his career by working as a physicist at NASA and conducted an array of research projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Robert Atkinson has a sharp vision for his future. He has a significant business, accounting background which him different from another Attorneys that work with him. His knowledge is appreciated and applauded by everyone, every time he handles his cases.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas Handles All Type Of Bankruptcy Cases

Bankruptcy cases are complicated in nature due to which they are regarded as the toughest cases to handle. To find the apt legal aid for these cases is vital aspects, therefor looking for an experienced lawyer for handling them is must. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is known for handling complicated bankruptcy cases with utmost professionalism. He has in-depth knowledge regarding bankruptcy laws which has helped him to represent cases in the court. He is counted among the top bankruptcy lawyers in the Las Vegas. He has established his name in the industry through his knowledge and hard work.

Through his skills and intelligence he has assisted a number of clients who were stuck in bankruptcy cases. He is expert in handling all types of cases, irrespective of their complexity under the different chapters of law, including 7, 11, and 13. He has helped many clients to wipe out their debts by managing essential documents and then representing them in a court. He manages all the documents that are related to cases, which can affect their final verdict. He aims to fetch desired results for his clients by managing their case in the best way. He knows all the ropes of handling his bankruptcy cases, and this can be clearly observed through his exceptional work. The factor that distinguishes him from others in the industry is his unique approach to handle his cases. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas believe in knowing each and every aspect of his cases, before representing them in a court.

He has managed and represented an array of bankruptcy matters, such as class voting, perfected security interests, debtor-in-possession responsibilities, Initial Debtor Interviews, exclusive filing periods, disclosure statements, small business debtor qualification, motions for use or sale of property, priority unsecured claims and unsecured creditor committees. His foremost goal is to protect the rights of his clients by directing their case towards the path of success. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has represented cases in various courts such as Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court, District of Nevada – Civil Proceedings, Second District Court, State of Nevada, Judicial Court, Clark County, United States Supreme Court, etc.