Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Robert Atkinson: An Adept Bankruptcy and Litigation Attorney

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is an esteemed lawyer who can adeptly handle bankruptcy cases. With his expertise, he can solve complex litigation and bankruptcy cases that includes claim-proofs, unique filing periods,  ‘debt-in -possession,’ disclosure statements, 1st-day motions,  property sale actions, lien avoidance, un-secured committees of creditors and the qualification of the small entrepreneurs. He has earned a good reputation for being a brilliant lawyer with an amazing skill of representation of cases in the court.

He has the technical expertise in handling bankruptcy matters for his clients efficiently. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has earned a B.S. degree in Physics from the illustrious University of the Montana State.  He had Mathematics and Physics as his minor subjects. He has earned his Master’s Degree in ‘Business Administration’ in Finance from the eminent University of Carnegie Mellon. He obtained the Doctor’s Degree in Jury from the University of Georgetown. This is considered to be one of the first Catholic and Jesuit University that imparts education to the higher level in the United States of America. This university was set up in 1789.

Apart from being a lawyer, he has worked in several sectors during his career life, such as accounting sector, real estate sector etc.  Working in these sectors has helped Robert to gain knowledge and experience in legal matters appreciably. In the initial years of his career life, Robert was a physicist at the NASA. While working at NASA, he carried out a series of research projects at the esteemed ‘Los Alamos National Laboratory.’ The primary goal of Robert was always to safeguard his client’s interests, which he did proficiently and with considerable efficiency all through his career.

Throughout his career, Robert has helped clients and organizations in filing their bankruptcy cases promptly making use of the different aspects of the ‘law’ that are included in the chapters 13, 11 and 7. He is known for his unique and brilliant style of case representation in the law courts. With his hard work, skill, dedication, sincerity, shrewd mind,  experience, and talent, Robert has emerged as a leading attorney among his peers in dealing with bankruptcy cases.