Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Robert Atkinson – A Winning Attorney with an Expertise in Bankruptcy Law

Everything you have earned in life goes upside down when you get caught in a bankruptcy situation. Dealing with that crisis and coming out of it can be a life-changing scenario but you need a competent bankruptcy attorney to fight your case. Finding a good attorney is tough in the present financial world that can resolve your bankruptcy crisis and give you a new start of financial life. If you are from Las Vegas, Robert Atkinson is the man needed to help you declare insolvency and fight for your rights against creditors.
Robert Atkinson attorney Las Vegas is proficient in chapter 11 and chapter 13 of bankruptcy proceedings. With the help of his own firm and his associates he handled numerous bankruptcy cases and protected the client’s properties from falling into the creditor's hands. Even though he and his firm handle the bankruptcy cases of both creditors and debtors he is more inclined to work with debtors knowing that they all of their live savings in a bankruptcy case. Robert Atkinson deals with both professional and personal bankruptcy cases for a client and believes in following the ethical code of conduct during the proceedings.
The foremost thing a bankruptcy attorney has to do is to file the assets of the client. Then he has to find a clause or way to save his assets from being lost to his creditors. For the case to withstand in the court of law, right documents have to be submitted before the trial proceedings start or the case can be dismissed. Irrespective of the severity of the bankruptcy case, Robert Atkinson gives his best to defend his client and throws him out of his financial loss. He stands by the client’s side throughout the trial and becomes an emotional pillar of support.
He plans meticulously and studies your case proficiently and tries to declare insolvency to protect your personal assets from falling into the hands of your creditor. With a sound educational background in finance and a degree from MBA helps him to understand the client’s rights and also prepared him for courtroom trials. Handling thousands of bankruptcy cases in Las Vegas he is well aware of the state’s law and how to reorganize your assets without the need for liquidation. Being the best attorney he helps the client to handle the threatening calls from the creditors too.
Robert Atkinson attorney Las Vegas is the leading attorney who has handled over 300 cases in contract efforts and 100 cases in business litigation. He is an expert in exemptions which help the debtor to hold on to his assets. He has good exemption planning skills and renders high-quality legal services to his clients. Not only does he help the client to get his financial life back but also assists in getting good credit score to pursue new business ventures. His teams of attorneys study the client’s case and decide on to which type of bankruptcy to file.