Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Robert Atkinson: A Big Name in the Legal World

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is a name to reckon with in the legal world. As he is a commendable Las Vegas-based bankruptcy attorney, he has dealt with complicated cases of bankruptcy with proficiency. He has helped his clients in filing bankruptcy cases by his profound knowledge of the chapters 13, 7 and 11. He is known for his brilliance and deftness in handling legal cases.
He has given advice to his clients in the Nevada State on ‘Chapter 7 Trustee.’ Over the years Robert Atkinson has obtained adequate knowledge for carrying out the case filings effectively and accurately and for increasing the exemptions. He has the expertise in filing difficult cases of bankruptcy while getting rid of the non-discharging factions. With his technical prowess, skill, and knowledge, Robert was able to develop innovative strategies for adeptly dealing with the bankruptcy cases to bring fruitful results to his clients. He is lauded for his distinguished style for representing cases in the court of law.
He makes use of his talent, experience, and knowledge for effectively dealing with difficult cases, which includes debt-in-possession, distinctive filing periods, debtors qualifications of small-sized business, first day motions, disclosure statements, proof of the claims, the action of the property sale, unsecured creditors committees, lien avoidance etc.
Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has gained phenomenal success for his competence in handling the legal cases. From the Montana University, Robert has earned his B.S. degree in the subject of Physics and his minors in Economics and Mathematics from the same University. He has done his post graduation from the renowned Georgetown University and earned his Master’s degree in Finance in the field of Business Administration. This reputed first Catholic and Jesuit Institution of learning was set up in the USA in 1789.
Robert has worked in various sectors like real estate and accounting during his working years. At the beginning of his career, he worked at NASA as a physicist, where he conducted many research projects in the noteworthy Los Alamos National Laboratory. The skill, sincerity, innovation, and dedication make Robert Atkinson one of the greatest lawyers of his period.