Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Robert Atkinson: Dominates the World of Legal Matters

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is among the reputed lawyers of the bankruptcy world. He has the proficiency in filing both the business and personal bankruptcy cases. He has earned his Jury Doctor Degree from the first Catholic institution, the Georgetown University. He has obtained his major in the subject Physics from the reputed University of the Montana State. He has acquired his minors in the subjects of Economics and Mathematics from the reputed ‘Montana State University.’ From the Carnegie Mellon University, Robert Atkinson earned his Master in Business Administration degree in Finance.

He has been of immense help to the clients of the Nevada state and assisted them in their bankruptcy case filings with the knowledge of Chapter 7 Trustee. He uses his knowledge for avoiding the non-dischargeable actions, maximizing exemptions and for filing all his cases effectively.

In the initial stage of his career, he worked as a physicist and efficiently carried out a series of research projects at the ‘National Los Alamos Laboratory.’ Apart from being a physicist and an attorney he has knowledge of the various sectors, such as accounting, business, and real estate.

He has the skill to design fresh, new unconventional strategies that have always been praised by his clients. His unique style of case representation has brought him phenomenal success in his career. He has always tried hard to protect the interest of his clients. He has the finesse to solve the difficult bankruptcy cases that include superior priority claims, cash collateral utilization, motions of the first day, lien avoidance, actions for the sale of property, claim proofs, reorganization plans, trustee actions etc.

With his dedication and talent, Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has emerged as an unparalleled lawyer with a distinguished style of case representation. His in-depth knowledge, experience, and skill have helped him to soar high in his career and solve all cases proficiently. In his career, he has worked in the Judicial Court on the Clark County; US District Nevada Court; 9th Circuit Court of the Appeals; Supreme Court in the Nevada State; 2nd District Court in the Nevada State; 8th District Court in the Nevada State etc.

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