Monday, 12 February 2018

Robert Atkinson: Changing the legal scenarios since decades

Robert Atkinson attorney Las Vegas works as a lead attorney at Atkinson Law Associated Ltd in Las Vegas. With his years of experience, he provides impeccable services related to business bankruptcy, litigation and commercial real estate.
He completed his in Physics at the Montana State University with Math and Economics as his minors. After that, he did his MBA in finance at the Carnegie Mellon University and his JD from Georgetown University.
His Career history and achievements:
Apart from his excellent educational background, he also worked as a physicist in NASA at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
He also worked as a manager at Deloitte Consulting. During his work at Deloitte, he used to develop device business plans and market entry strategies for his clients in Internet and telecom industries. Apart from that he also designed various financial models that hugely benefitted the company.
As a Principal at A.T Kearney, he used to provide advisory services to retail, utilities, communication and financial services in the field of M&A, supply chain management, operations and enterprise restructuring. He also offered expert litigation support and contract evaluation services to major U.S law firms. With his quality advisory services, he has helped major international and American banks with accumulating $2 billion findings. His strategic sourcing and outsourcing helped his clients to save $250 million annually including other significant financial gains.

Area of services:
Robert Atkinson attorney Las Vegas has handled more than 500 bankruptcy filings in chapter 7, 11 and 13. His area of bankruptcy includes a large shopping mall, print shop, a nightclub in Las Vegas, an aircraft manufacturing company including several other cases. The best part about Mr Atkinson is that he handles all his legal cases personally by himself. Unlike other attorneys, he handles only one case at a time and doesn’t hoard up cases to pile up money.
As his client, you do not have to handle any critical bankruptcy fillings as he takes your entire burden on his shoulder. Bankruptcy is not just about filling but also includes tasks such as Initial Debtor interviews, disclosure statements, use of cash collateral, reorganisation plans etc that can only be handled by an expertise attorney.

Business Law
Robert Atkinson can also provide you credible advisory services for effective administration. With his successful participation in around 300 cases regarding contract efforts, he assists in drafting, workouts, and negotiations including several other aspects.
With his expertise, he assists entrepreneurs and start-ups with all their paperwork and fillings. He also has a tremendous amount of experiences in fields such as copyrights, trade secrets, patents, trademarks etc.
Business Litigation:
With his hundreds of lawsuits experience, Mr. Atkinson can provide services in both the defendant as well as plaintiff. Mr Atkinson has several practices in handling cases related to contract breach, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, declaratory relief, interference with contracts, civil conspiracy including many more fields.
Commercial Real Estate
Robert Atkinson also has taken care of transactional contract work such as financing, lease, acquisition etc. He also takes care of cases such as Receiverships, foreclosures, 1031 exchanges as a lead attorney in many cases related to CRE litigations. He also possesses immense knowledge regarding PSA, Mortgage-backed securities and indenture trusts etc.

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