Thursday, 4 January 2018

Robert Atkinson - the lead attorney of Las Vegas

Robert Atkinson is a renowned attorney of Las Vegas who has the experience and expertise in dealing with the bankruptcy cases and litigation. He has the technical skill in handling the complex cases like
claim-proofs, unique filing periods, class voting, qualification of the business debtors and the disclosure statements, debt-in-possession, avoidable transfers, lien avoidance, trustee actions, reorganization plans, debtor’s qualification of the small entrepreneurs, initial debtor’s interviews, dominance claims, etc.

His classic way of representing and handling bankruptcy cases has gathered him a lot of success. All the excellent Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas reviews prove this. He has a profound knowledge of skillfully handling the filing of a case and for maximizing exemptions. He is known as a successful advocate for skillfully handling the litigation and the bankruptcy cases. He has adequate knowledge of the ‘Chapter 7 Trustee’ of the Nevada State.

He has passed out from the reputed ‘Montana University’ and has earned degrees in subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, and Economics. Atkinson has earned his post-graduation degree in the ‘Finance Administration’ from the reputed Carnegie Mellon University and ‘Jury’s Doctor Degree’ from the illustrious ‘Georgetown University.’ This university is considered as the first ‘Catholic and Jesuit’ institution that was founded in the year 1789 and provides post-graduation degrees in the USA.

In his profession life, Robert Atkinson has handled more than 300 bankruptcy cases, that comprise chapters 7, 11 and 13. The cases were related to a nightclub, shopping mall, aircraft manufacturing organization, hotels, inns and much more. He has offered his advice to the prospective franchisees and helped a host of start-ups in their paperwork and filing their cases.
He has the technical finesse and experience in business law like real estate and commercial transactions, intellectual property laws that include copyrights, trade secrets, patents, security interests etc. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas was involved in a host of the lawsuit cases for defendant and the plaintiff business clients. He has the competence in representing business clients in civil cases that include declaratory relief, fraud, contract breach, injunctions and TPOs, civil RICO, conversion, unfair competition, conspiracy, unjust enrichment, rescission, constructive trust, trademark infringement etc.

With his technical skill, prowess, and experience he has been able to chalk out proficient business plans as well as innovatory marketing strategies for the telecom and the Internet clients when Atkinson was Deloitte Consulting’s Manager. He even worked as an eminent physicist at the ‘Los Alamos National Laboratory’ in NASA. He featured as a speaker at many conferences, workshops, and panels. His dedication, technical skill and unique style of case representation set him apart and keeps him ahead of his peers.

Why Atkinson Law Associates?

It is easy to find lawyers these days. However, not every lawyer can help you tackle matters like bankruptcy. You need lawyers working specially to tackle bankruptcy cases. The best part about seeking help from Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas Law Associates is that the lawyers are completely involved in the bankruptcy process. They don’t hire any paralegals to carry out even minute activities like filing and preparation of documents etc.