Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Robert Atkinson – Top Bankruptcy Attorney in Las Vegas

Some of the worst times require some of the best professionals around working for the solution to complex problems. Bankruptcy is certainly one of the lowest ebbs of one’s existence, but having someone like Robert Atkinson Attorney helps immensely. He is easily one of the most sought-after bankruptcy attorneys in the popular city of Las Vegas. What makes him stand out is the personal touch that he lends to each of his case, and despite making a brand out of himself, still oversees each case from start to finish.
Robert Atkinson Attorney is one who goes by the routine of treating each case as a fresh new case, and at the same time using all his prior experience as well as knowledge in solving the case to client’s satisfaction. What works for him is his mastery in bankruptcy cases- be it personal or business bankruptcy. Working around each case to look for details, new points as well as similarities from other previous cases and judgements is his start point. He believes that no two cases are same and work on same methods. Therefore, his study on case helps him draw out the nuances and charter the path of the case.
Someone with almost a 1000 cases surely knows what he does. Among the highly sought out attorneys, Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is a solution oriented professional. He has a jurisdiction in several of the top courts of the area, and of the USA as whole. Be it Nevada Supreme Court or the Supreme Court of America, he has worked his way to the top and has most of the major courts in area and some out of the area under his jurisdiction. This also explains the amount of professional contacts he has.
As a counsel for three Chapter 7 trustees, state of Nevada, he has over 100 cases. Some of the features of his work are high quality filings, maximized exemptions, non-dischargeability actions are complete avoided. His record with the most complex bankruptcy filings and his ability to work on first day motions, super-priority claims, small business debtor qualifications, exclusive filing periods and debtor-in-possession capabilities among others make Robert Atkinson Attorney among the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in his segment. He breaks down even the most complex cases easily.

One of the prime factors behind a person’s abilities and success is his education. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas got his base qualification of a B.S. in Physics with Maths and Economics as minors from Montana State University. Carnegie Mellon University is from where he completed his MBA in Finance. He completed his J.D. from the Georgetown University. His education, coupled with his hard work, has helped him come this far in his career and be regarded as one of the finest bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas. His early part of the career was spent as physicist at NASA where he learned the importance of having an eye for detail, the quality that has worked so well for him as a bankruptcy attorney. 

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