Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Robert Atkinson Attorney In Las Vegas Handles All Bankruptcy Cases Professionally

Robert Atkinson is an attorney in Las Vegas, who has successfully established his name in the industry by offering exceptional legal aid for various bankruptcy cases. He has assisted more than 1,000 clients in filing their cases, across distinct chapters of laws that includes 7, 11, and 13. He lays emphasis at managing his cases from the beginning to ending. Through his experience and skills the probability of winning the cases has increased in a huge way. He excels in representing all the aspects of filing complex bankruptcy cases, including priority first-day motions, unsecured claims, use of cash collateral, unsecured creditor committees, debtor-in-possession responsibilities, Initial Debtor Interviews, relief from automatic stays, reorganization plans, exclusive filing periods, disclosure statements, motions for use or sale of property, class voting, proofs of claim or interest, trustee actions, super-priority claims, perfected security interests,  small business debtor qualification,  avoidable transfers, and lien avoidance.

He has counseled for three Chapter 7 Trustee in the state of Nevada, for over 100 cases. He has gained considerable knowledge in how to maximize exemptions and avoid non-dischargeability actions. He has filed an array of bankruptcy cases with his outstanding skills. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas, has represented an assortment of cases in different courts that include Supreme Court, State of Nevada, Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, U.S. District Court, District of Nevada – Civil Proceedings, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Second District Court, State of Nevada etc. He is backed by accounting and real estate background which has helped to represent his cases in the right manner. In the initial stage of his career, he was a physicist at NASA, and conducted a number of research projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is competent in representing all type of cases irrespective of their complexities.